How do I use YouPic?

Glad that your curiosity led you here. Using YouPic is easy, inspiring and fun, below we will guide you through the main functions of our site. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to take a look at our FAQ.

Showcase your photos

Showcase your work in high resolution, share amazing photos with others and get inspired by photographers all around the world.

Learn photography

Set yourself up for success and explore our interactive courses in all categories of photography.

Build your brand

Use your profile to build your photography brand, get hired for photography projects and be discovered globally.

Be aware of your rights and ownership

A majority of platforms today claims ownership of your work. Photos and images are intellectual property and we think that the ownership should always stay with the creator.

As photographers ourselves, YouPic is very proud to be one of the few platforms who do not take any rights or ownership of your work.

Your own photography-shop, just 4 clicks away

At YouPic we strive to make the most of photography, many of you have asked if there by any chance is possible to buy other artists work and now we have made it possible.

We wanted to make it easy for the photography community to be able to sell their own prints as well as buying prints from fellow photographers of the YouPic community.

The shop aims to make it easy to buy prints from photographers from a wide range, from hobby enthusiasts to professionals in all kinds of genres. We want to offer you the opportunity to step up and make an income from your art as well as enjoying the opportunity to have your favorite photographs on your wall.


Find high quality inspirational photography based on skills and expertise in all subjects and styles, your new favourite photographer might just be around the corner.

Detailed feedback

Receive and give detailed feedback based on composition, technical quality, creativity and content.


Your customized personal feed where you will find photography and posts from everyone you follow.


We have gathered all your personal stats in one place in order to make it easy for you to follow your progress and development. Find your strengths and what you can improve based on feedback from other photographers of the YouPic community, you’ll also find your overall score and most popular photos - of course this page will only be visible to you.