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YouPic is the place for photography enthusiasts around the world to be inspired, receive recognition and improve their photography.

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Find high quality inspiration for your photography from millions of photographers.

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Showcase your best shots and be rewarded with tremendous exposure, awards and love.

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Improve your photography dramatically with photography tips from peers and by following your progress.

Frequently asked questions


All your personal stats in one place - this page is visible for you only. Follow your progress and find out what you are good at and what you can improve based on detailed feedback from other photographers. See your overall score and most popular photos.


Show love to this photo and vote it up! Give detailed feedback on Composition, Technical quality, Creativity and Content.

Detailed feedback: Invite your friends and Unlock your detailed feedback. Contact us if you don´t use Facebook. More Unlock options will be added shortly.


Recommend this photo to your followers. Photo will be displayed on your Recommended feed and saved on your profile.

Cover photo

The cover photo of the day is chosen manually. Criteria for the cover photo of the day, is that the photo should have no or very discrete watermark and to ideally be uploaded in 2048 pixels.


Your tailored personal photo flow where you can find photography from everyone you follow.


Find high quality inspirational photography and explore all photos on YouPic in all categories.

Inspiration Flow

Today's fresh photos that received an inspiration star. The criteria for getting published in Inspiration is based on number of factors. The algorithm is based on number of favorites and repics and is improved daily. Also some manual screening is done to make sure the content is not violating the terms and conditions or is offensive or commercial. However we do not catch all the great ones, so do upload often in order to have a higher chance of getting chosen. We are working on exciting updates for the Inspiration flow!

Edit photos

Drop down menu in the top right corner next to Upload.

Increase exposure

  1. Use Reach bar and Invite friends
  2. Share your profile
  3. Share your awards

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