Steen Skov


Steen Skov

Graduated business school in 1997, was an army sergeant, commander of Pansret Maskin Kanon M/92, by December 1998, served with my regiment, in Viborg, until December 1999 (a company of draftees) when we were released into civilian life. I enlisted in the danish international brigade before leaving, and went on a couple of exercises, before leaving for New Zealand in 2003, to learn to fly helicopters. I trained at Ardmore helicopters, in south Auckland, and absolutely freakin' LOVED flying the Hughes 300. What a great little helicopter that is!

Alas, 'twas not to be, and 6 months into my training, I was nearly killed in a car accident, while riding shotgun, on the way to a cinema, somewhere in Auckland. Show more

Nikon D800
Midtjylland, Denmark

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