Philosophy . I've always wanted to find a trusted photographer with whom I can feel just good- be able to show real emotions and feel peace of mind that on this special day the camera is held by a responsible person. My name is Dariusz Socha and I assure you that I'm such a person. Photography, apart from this technical layer of knowledge is above emotions and please stay with them 'cause they make me enjoy working with people as a photographer.

Experience. You'll probably admit that it's difficult to be a good driver only on a straight road or being able to turn only to the left. So, I think in photography is quite similar. I deal with almost every type of it before working for a BMW car dealership, Kokamodels model agency or Lublin Race Track and many more. Still I'm developing myself today and looking for even more emotions, so trust me that it would be a great pleasure to become a photographer at your wedding ceremony!

Equipment. Is this so important? Just like money - not when you already have it. It's a human being takes pictures, but I care about the highest quality of equipment because I realize that apart from knowledge and experience, equipment is still a large part of the final effect. Here, I encourage you because on the days I've invested in top quality equipment (Nikon D850 and spare D750) with bright, fixed-focal lenses.

Skills & Endorsements