Take my passport but please leave my camera alone!! I want to re-live my travels thru my photos after the trip is long gone.Traveling is the ultimate. Photography a close 2nd. Mostly Joined at the hip! :-) I am originally from Sweden and ended up in California at age of 20. I don't have any formal photography training. Started taking "keep sake" photos in 2004 with a small Sony digital, which I still have. Now it goes under water with me :-) (which is why you haven't seen ANY of those..haha! ). I use a Nikon cool pix alot it's much lighter and smaller. I have not learned my Nikon 5100 at all, there just isn't enough time when I need to take pix on everything that moves...ha! But one day I hope to actually sort of know how to take photos...and then my friends...LOOK OUT!! LOL! Until then....I'm up for the extra "stars"***** you have....Just sayin'....:-D

Skills & Endorsements