Soon after started The Queen Street Mission -AKA- The Room

This is a day shelter in Chambersburg PA, I was overwhelmed by all of the garbage that my clients had been carrying around in their own lives, I could see clearly how God wanted me to change my own life, but I struggled with how to work with my people, so during a street fair in Chambersburg PA I was walking behind the main street, when I came upon a pile of trash, there was diapers, rotten food a few discarded cups just a pile of waste, in the middle of this pile was a small beautiful flower, so I focused in on that one thing. This was my first great shot; I believe that God taught me the most important lesson of how to look at people and photography that day. I could trip over the trash or begin to look at the prize – God does truly answer pray Show more

Canon Nikon,what ever is around
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, United States
Building Contractor, Missionary / Chambersburg Christian Fellowship

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