Neil T


It’s been 20 years since I first purchased my first SLR camera to capture the culture and emotion of South East Asia. Ever since then I've always had a passion for preserving the big or small moment in a single photo.

On 8th November 2013 we welcomed Rhaegar, a Black Labrador puppy into our home. I finally got why people have dogs. Of course I was warned about the dog hair in my food, the eye watering farts and the muddy paw prints on our sofa. But none of this seemed to matter when I saw those big bright eyes, the sheer bonkers happiness of life and that waggy tail waiting for me after another bad day.

This has inspired me to take my enthusiasm for photography and go on this adventure together. Luckily Rhaegar doesn't seem to mind having his photo taken whether it is sitting and posing for the camera, chasing his favourite ball or running back to me as fast as his legs can carry him, he actually seems to really like it.

Now I want to share my passion of dogs and photography with you!!

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