Amanda Eve Photographie ~


''Amanda Eve's passion for photography did not begin at a young age like most, but in 2010 after having gone through a very difficult time in her life.

She turned to reading poetry where she found comfort in the writings of Pablo Neruda, Michelle Williams and the verbal poetry of poets such as Dom Gabrielli to name a few, finding acceptance of love, hate, life and death.

After which photography took grip and starting with her manual canon she had fun developing films, playing with light and dark she became more intrigued by the mono process which lead her into the digital age.

Expressing herself through her lens, what she sees in Nature & mother Earth, and what the Earth shares with her in return.

She currently resides in the South West of France where she blends her passion for photography with everyday life''

Nature is sanctuary

Earth is necessity

Life is a gift ...


London born, lives in France

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