Our real names are Kelley and Susan, owners of, and our personal homepage, where you can see more photos like the ones we post here.

We have been married 38 years, yes to each other, and were married in New Orleans

We are both photographers and own Defiance Photography, specializing in Scenic and Wildlife photography. We love the outdoors including biking, skiing, and anything that has to do with water.

Kelley deals with Digital Photography and Cinematography, including production and post production work. I (Susan) am a model, and prefer adult photo and video sessions. Yes, it's exactly what you think, LOL.

Sometimes we feel that we were born a century or three too late. There are times we feel greatly out of place in this modern world. We have the tendency to resist change, especially technologically. We find great solace out in nature, even if it is just sitting on the front porch watching the sun set or the moon rise. We feel stifled in cities with its incessant drone of traffic, sirens, and most of all, lights. We try to remember to "bloom where we are planted", but some areas are more difficult than others to accomplish this. Consequently, We are most happy in small towns and mountain communities. We love the closeness that small towns give-knowing everyone at the Post Office or the General Store. But, We are survivors, having lived in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New Orleans. Idaho is a most beautiful state and we are anxious to travel its borders. Long, long ago we once spent a summer in Sandpoint and really connected with the town and the people there. We are certain that we would not recognize it today, but for the lovely glacial lake. Having said that, is it any wonder that our photography relays the beauty of our Earth and the changing of the seasons? It is transcendent for us to be able to visit all these places in our photography and relive the moment. We hope that we can convey these feelings to you.

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