I began taking photographs 29 years ago when my parents purchased a 35 mm camera. I experimented with the camera and quickly learned the basics of controlling shutter speed and aperture to the point where I was using the camera far more than my parents and soon become the “family photographer”. My interests soon expanded beyond snapshots of family and friends to nature and landscape photography, especially the forests and coastline where I grew up in Newfoundland. My interest in nature and landscape photography continued as I moved west to and my subjects became the coastlines and forests of British Columbia, Oregon and California. Over time and several cameras later I have begun to move from simply taking single images to creating sets of images based around a common theme and have attempted to create a more coherent photographic style. Since moving to Quebec i have continued to photograph the rural/natural landscape while developing a new interest in urban photography. I have found Saint-Hyacinthe and Montreal to be excellent platforms for this new area of photographic experimentation with unique combinations of architecture, people and seasonal change.

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Quebec, Canada

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