Joanna Schultz


I have loved taking pictures ,drawing, sketching,designing.

Most of my life, Then my life took a different turn, i got married

to a wonderful christian guy, who loved me and i loved him, he got my real photography camera. Many pictures were taken from it, then it came in handy, when we decided to start an animal sanctuary/rescue for unwanted dogs and cats, the abuse we saw, the pain, we had to endure when they passed away, due to neglect of people, they all sorts of things wrong with them, cancer, parvo, heart failures, many became adopted, and then something more tragic happened, that was not part of the plan my husband died 2 years ago in 2012. Been a hard 2 years, but then my love for art and photography came back in full swing, and discovering a whole new world. Photo editing, computer art, wow letting my imagination soar and to be free, with what i do now, sure i still care for the most unwanted animals, i do it all by myself now. With God on my side, its why i love to take pictures of animals, nature, landscapes, i just figured out how to get pictures of the beautiful night sky, all the stars and the moon up there. But i will one day.

Skills & Endorsements