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jeroen bosch

First of all you can and always may use my photo's for non commercial purposes, so you can print it out or hang it on the wall at your home. If you do want to use it in any commercial way, that is always possible. It will cost you nothing, Because of my psychological mental problems and Issues I can not work anymore and will receive a Social Benefit. And I am not allowed to receive any money. But let me know by email if you want to use it in a commercial way, then I will delete the C of copyrights and change it into made by jeroen bosch. And I will send you a word document that you can use the photo in any commercial way, and that I give you permission to do so, I will sign the document and send it back to you. But for every copy you have to donate 5% of the profit to a psychiatric mental institution, or an organisation that is helping people with serious mental health issues. The reason is that I spend three years in two mental institutions, and not only the psychiatric patients need more help, but also the staff who had to work under high pressure, make incredible long hours. So I can make their world a bit better if my work gets sold, and for me it is great that my name is spread around the world.

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Nikon D3100, D5100, D5200, D5300
Almere, Netherlands

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