I am a self maid artist who likes too dabble in art from time too time I paint in OILS and Acrylics . and like too use various mediums too add depth and texture such as plaster or dried plants.

I also love to take photos I am a amateur Photographer but have been at this for about 20 yrs now So have learned a lot as far as composition , creativity, Photo setup , Styles and Fine Art. Love to set the shot and get every thing set just wear it needs too be set and then sometimes do all the manual settings myself too see what comes out. Aperture speed focus extra. I am a Wordpress Journalist with my own well know blog so I dabble in about all things fun and creative . Poetry music , lyrics and melody and some sheet music too . And I sing and play instruments . Well that is me hope you enjoy my wide variety of photos. thanks Show more

Olympus DSLR,Fuji,Cool Pic.
I am self employed

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