Edward James Cothey


Edward James Cothey

With 35 years experience in photography from film to digital, darkroom to computer. Photographing the nature that is around me from under my feet to above my head, we all miss so much as we rush around these days. Most people don't even see the roses let alone to smell them, my art is all about displaying what everyone misses and more.

I have just relocated to the Philippines so I know my work will change for the better, my mission in life is to show what is important in nature in the ecosystem we ignore. I did think to call myself Square Foot photography because i could walk almost anywhere and fill a flash card with what i find under my feet, it is an amazing world we ignore. Please protect our world and whats in it, many blessings to those who do and if i can inspire someone to feel the same. We will have a chance at saving our planet. Thank you. Show more

Just 2 canon cameras.
Bulacan, Philippines
Retired farmer, handweaver and fisherman.

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