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Aman Mughal & Prince Ali is the owner Dreams Studio & Productions, Dreams Studio & Productions is one of the best Production of Pakistan Aman Mughal & Prince Ali is the famous and well known person of showbiz industry. He is a good photographer and Coordinator. They are very friendly. Their photography creates a magic to the people. They always work with their best efforts. If anyone wants to see their work then must visit our page we don’t need any explanation after this. They has been working in showbiz for many years Dreams Studio & Productions gives good opportunity to upcoming new face model and gives a good platform to show his talent in showbiz industry. We are working many new projects like short films, fashion shows and brand shoots. We also teach new models how to react in front of camera, cat walk on ramp, styling, grooming, expression etc. Now a day, Dreams Studio & Productions is the best Studio & Production of Pakistan. So if you want to work on showbiz then Dreams Studio & Productions gives you good opportunity to work on film, fashion shows, brand shoots & Commercial add if anyone wants to become a model then this is a good platform. We also did brand shoots of Amina Ajmal, Libas-e-Poshak, ideal looks and also have a plan to do more shoots in future. We did designers shoots as Maria b, lajwanti. In Video and film section we are looking forward to explore new horizons. With the experience of projects that we did in the past, we are currently working on various film projects. Music videos are a keen interest of our

Dreams Studio & Productions arranges many fashion shows, Designer Shoots, Brand Shoots, Commercial ad for their upcoming new face models to promote them in showbiz industry. If anyone works with us he must know that we do a great work for our models.

————————————————————————–Studio & Production- the people who know

Studio & Production are the best way for new models to start out their modeling career. A Studio & Production carries out a variety of roles such as advising and training models to work in the industry. Studio & Production can also promote models and can sometimes manage their careers, as well as booking models for jobs. A good Studio & Production can also arrange payment from clients and pass this on to the models.

If all this seems daunting, don’t forget that the Dreams Studio & Productions is here to give advice and guidance on all aspects of our models’ careers, including health and safety, personal care and even sorting out accommodation.


Every model has a portfolio.

A portfolio is not just a collection of pretty images. A modeling portfolio must show ability, versatility and scope. A good portfolio can give you a real boost in the industry and it will be much easier to find work.

If you want to be a Model?

Then contact our Dreams Studio & Productions photographer & Coordinator for Model portfolio,

Appointment at this contact: 03214920657 0321-4026136, email

Dreams Studio & Productions

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Pakistan, Lahore

————————————————————————–Introduction: A conscientious agent and reliable Studio & Production makes worth of models, actors and singers. One thing that is imperative to make your career and is to whom you are concerning first is to finding a Studio & Production that promotes your looks in a true sense. Dreams Studio & Production is name which represents people in the field of modeling, acting and singing.

Today, Dreams Studio & Production is one of the largest, leading and most

successful model management companies in Pakistan representing women, men and children throughout its offices in Lahore Scouting and developing new talent, servicing a diverse client and successful marketing of the company keeps Dreams Studio & Production on top of an ever-changing industry.

Dreams Studio & Production endue a platform to talented people who are in quest of opportunities, and facilitate them in all aspects through its services of production house and singing studio. Fashion industry is a place full of fanciful dreams and glamour. To make your identity and to be up to the mark and establish your way toward the success is just like a hard nut to crack. Dreams Studio & Production prove a blessing in disguise for those who want to make their career in the field of modeling, acting, singing, but despite of their talent they are still facing a near miss.

The ability to recognize and nurture new talent is just one of the reasons Dreams Studio & Production continues to be a leader in the fashion business. The company works with hundreds of local models and model management companies in Pakistan to scout and develop new models each year. Dreams Studio & Production promote many boys, girls and children and give them imposing opportunities, that they able to get conspicuous success and fame in the field of acting.

Dreams Studio & Production is truly a full service broad based company that represents talent ranging from super star women and men, to full-figured women, sophisticated women and men and kids.

Dreams Studio & Production also linked with singing studio yield the new singer with great chances ,and help to develop confidences in them, and to teach them how to make their work different and captivating.As an innovator in the industry,

Founder / President

Aman Mughal & Prince Ali, a well-known Fashion Photographer & Coordinator of 2007 and famous for his creative themes and concepts, elegance and fashion stylist, founded Dreams Studio & Production in 2005 and launched it online in 2006. Because of their hard work and experience as a Fashion Photographer, Dreams Studio & Production immediately had an impact on the fashion world. They easily translated his knowledge of the business into a successful modeling & Advertising


Dreams Studio & Production has been working in showbiz since 10 year. We promote a lot of models and new talent in industry. Now Dreams Studio & Production will start acting, singing & modeling Class to promote the new comers in industry. In these Classes we will teach how to express in front of camera and to raise the confidence. Also those person that really keen to work in showbiz industry but they couldn’t find a good platform to show their talent. Then Dreams Studio & Production gives good opportunity.

Photography is employed in many fields of science, manufacturing (e.g., photolithography) and business, as well as its more direct uses for art, film and video production, recreational purposes, hobby, and mass communication.

What attracts me to drama is that it is, in the most obvious way, what all the arts are upon a last analysis. A farce and a tragedy are alike in this, that they are a moment of intense life. An action is taken out of all other actions; it is reduced to its simplest form, or at any rate to as simple a form as it can be brought to without our losing the sense of its place in the world. The characters that are involved in it are freed from everything that is not a part of that action… William Butler Yeats

Oh, please, please, study the texts! Your scenes, your monologues — go back and read again. I placed links-pix to great plays, if I do not have enough samples on my pages already!

What is the biggest problem with actors? They do not UNDERSTAND the text!

The young ones, of course.

And the bad too.

Users can find out what voice acting is, how to become comfortable with their own voices, how to audition for this market and how to clarify a character’s voice.

Acting Classes

Dreams Studio & Production will also working on grooming classes and modeling classes those candidates who perform his talent in this direction we give them good classes to show his talent. This is great and better opportunity to show his talent. Dreams Studio & Production are always working with new talent in industry. If you show his talent.

Acting is VERY practical business (“stage business” — what is it?).

The secret is in application of acting theory. YOUR actual understanding of text, yourself and theory –. “Understanding” isn’t enough in acting. You have to understand, to know, to feel, to move, to communicate all the above… The major problem in acting classes is the gap between “understanding” and “doing.” That’s why actor needs TRAINING. The ability to perform, regardless your (personal) mood, today’ situation on stage (“show must go on”) and in the house (“dead public”). The show is a self-contained entity with an open structure: audience gives the new energy (fear) to actor, but an actor is acting for himself.

There are many floors in acting: we see only a tip of the iceberg — performance.

Stanislavsky called it “Actor Prepares.”

It takes a life to be a good actor. The learning never ends.

Three major states of “role” production:

I. Understanding — “What” stage of working on your role.

II. Search, forms, discovery — “How” stage.

III. Execution, development, perfection — performance. And — “why” — why do you do it? Yes, you, personally (the most important, because if I do not understand YOU, I don’t care).

Make up Classes:

Whilst some of our students will have experience as a make-up artist through Beauty Therapy courses, working for a brand or they may already be working as a make-up artist in the UK or abroad, the majority will not have any experience. As such all of our complete courses start with Beauty make-up, which is designed to teach the basics which are the platform from which to develop your knowledge. If you do not want to commit to a complete course but would like a taster, we would recommend coming in to model (which is free) or taking Beauty Make-up.

The course provides an intensive foundation for all the make-up and hair skills you will need for working as a make-up artist in the industry. At the end of your year, you will:

• Have a high level of proficiency in all areas of make-up and hair for Film, TV, Theatre and Fashion;

• Know how to research a subject and use relevant reference material to fulfill a make-up brief;

• Possess the professional skills and contacts to help you start your career in the make-up artist industry;

• Have a portfolio of work to help you with future employment;

• Have worked on set and gained valuable experience and confidence in a professional environment.

The kit-bag is designed to include everything we believe a make-up artist should have as part of their basic equipment. Anything you need that you don’t find in your kit is available at the academy. You will have to buy small items such as a pair of tweezers and we recommend you have a decent ‘point and click’ camera and access to the internet.

We change the contents of the kit bag every year to reflect new products used within the industry. For 2015, a kit is included:

• A kit bag

• A set of sable make-up brushes

• Nars foundations

• Mac products

• Various palettes – eye shadow, blusher, lip, camouflage

• Sponges

• Hair kit including brushes, combs, scissors, tray filled with pins and grips, hair nets etc

• Skin Illustrator palette

• A copy of The Complete Make-up Artist textbook by Penny Delmar

Modeling and Finishing Course

Our Professional Modeling Course includes our complete Finishing Course! Two Amazing Courses in One!

Whether you wish to become a model, or are simply seeking to develop your personal image and self-esteem, this is the course for you!



• Practical Make-up/Beauty Sessions

• Fashion and Wardrobe

• Personal Grooming

• Hair Care and Styling

• Social and Business Etiquette

• Speech Enhancement

• Communication Skills

• Health and Emotional Well-Being

• Job Interview and Résumé Writing


Catwalk Lessons and Runway Training

• Our practical runway classes will have you walking like a professional model

• Learn the latest trends in runway/fashion parades

• Catwalk lessons cover choreographed routines, model turns and perfecting the model walk

• Our runway classes will finish with your participation in a real fashion parade!

• Learn from the experts! Our runway training sessions are taught by highly experienced professional models

Television Modeling Training

• Hands-on workshops in television hosting and presenting

• Television commercials

• Preparation for television auditions, screen tests and castings

Modeling Tips and Industry Overview

• Individual direction on how to prepare for a career as a professional model

• Advice and direction regarding reputable modeling agencies, casting and promotional model agencies

• How to prepare portfolios and composite cards

• Do’s and don’ts of modeling

• An insight into showroom and promotional modeling

• Knowledge required to get started in the modeling industry

• Learn all the latest and most useful modeling tips

Skills & Endorsements