I was drawn to a life of Photography when I was aged 14. For with my camera I had a yearning to take those evocative pictures of mistiness which we see of woods and streams, so, with camera and my cassette of 35mm Illford 400 ASA film. I set out one cold damp morning, camera in hand with expectations of 36 stunning shots of misty streams and woodland. To my surprise I had 36 shots, hardly stunning, but acceptable, showing views of winter woodland, clear as far as the camera could see, and it could see to the horizon!!! Since in those days it took a full ten days to get back your prints it was something of a shock to my confidence. Later I found out that the Illford ASA 400 film of those days used a combination of Ultra violet, Infra red and Natural light to get the exposure onto the emulsion, This was a way of keeping the dreaded grain to a minimum.

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Fuji XT2
Derby, United Kingdom


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