Biju Karakkonam

Biju Karakkonam

Nikon D 750
Kerala, India

Biju S.S aka Biju Karakonam , ace Wildlife & Nature Photographer was born in the year 1973 in Thiruvananthapuram. His Father Sreekantan Nair and Mother Sarojini Amma. He has a younger brother Shibu.... Show more

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Biju S.S aka Biju Karakonam , ace Wildlife & Nature Photographer was born in the year 1973 in Thiruvananthapuram. His Father Sreekantan Nair and Mother Sarojini Amma. He has a younger brother Shibu. His family settled in Karakkonam a serene village on the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram in the historical Neyyattinkara landscape at the age of four to Biju.

From a younger age young Biju had a fascination for animals and birds and butterflies. From a very young age he would ponder over the images of Flora and Fauna in the forests and bush-land around him. From an younger age he started collection of animal, bird and butterfly pictures on postage stamps, match box labels, magazines and newspapers. Every curve and line, the lighting, shade and shadows in the pictures attracted him. He tried hours to reproduce the beauty inherent in the natural scenes. This interest in the aesthetics prompted this mentor and guru Mr. TL John. to teach him the rudiments of photography. His first camera was a Minolta auto focus film camera and today he works with various New generation Digital cameras. His interest photography prompted him to set up DREAM WORLD VISUAL STUDIOS an unit dedicated to creation of stills, videos, visuals and documentary on wildlife and nature.

Biju Karakomam is a self educated person and amidst his hectic photographic shoots and travel into the wilderness for days he has completed his Bachelor’s Degree of Commerce from the Kerala University. And he has completed his Masters Degree in Fine Arts (MFA Photography) from Sree Alamaprabhu Laslithakala Academy under the Mysore Open University. During 2016-17 he has also completed Post graduate diploma in Journalism from Bhavan's Rajendra Prasad Institute of Communication & Management, Mumbai. He has also completed diplomas in personal computers and software for visuals from Lal Bahadur Center for Science and technology, Thiruvananthapuram. He has also attended numerous seminars and short term courses to update his knowledge and skills on a wide range of subjects. His philosophy on education is lifelong learning.

In the year 2000 he set up DREAM WORLD VISUAL STUDIOS with the support and encouragement of the Kerala Financial Corporation at Karakkonam with the art of technology equipment's. Today he is the visual and media consultant to Santhigram an NGO involved in rural development and peoples empowerment, CISSA , an NGO dedicated to the promotion of science and culture and rational living, Child Empowerment Trust, an NGO dedicated to empowerment of children. He is also called on for work on Wildlife and Nature documentaries by the Kerala Forest Department, Public Relations Department and other prestigious institutions. He is also the secretary of Light And Shade Association of Fine Art Photographers, an association of dedicated professional photographers.

Till to-date he has conducted more than a hundred exhibitions on Nature & Wildlife photography. Biju’s visuals have been acquired by galleries and exhibitors from abroad.

His exhibitions and camps have helped more than ten thousand children to know more about wild life and biodiversity of state Kerala. Unicef has accepted Biju Karakkonams Documentary on Tribal participation in children’s schooling named “Poomala” , His documentary “Colours from the Margin” has enriched and empowed Dalit community in India, His Documentary “ Mudra” throws light up on the history of Neyyattinkara in kerala. His documentary on “ Brahmi the Mother Script of India” throws light up on the orgin of various Indian Language scripts. His documentary on Cancer “ Cancer the Untold Truth” is about the healing powers of alternative medicine. His documentary on Wind mills “ A Hope Through Renewable Energy “ is a panache for alternate cheap sustainable energy to reduce pollution in the atmosphere at the same time generating clean energy. His documentary “ Confidence “ was broadcasted by Victors channel of Government of Kerala as a motivation short film for students of all schools of Kerala.

He is also Media adviser and Environmental awareness trainer to Child Empowerment Trust and have assisted in running many children’s awareness camps.

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