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aron peters

Although Aron Peters has a passion for landscape photography, he started his journey by performing product photography. Which he says " It's a good start for anybody due to it teaches you to pay attention to detail". Basically, a self-starter, he did take one college course in digital photography, which he passed with a grade of A. Most of his learning of photography came from dissecting videos of his influencers: Ansel Adams, Cartier Bresson, Adam Marelli, Thomas Heaton, just to name a few. During the class he took, he moved into B/W photography. He discovered a sort of hidden passion when it came to B/W. He always had a liking for the old movies and now mixing film noir and photography, learning of shadows and light, was a great venture. Also during this time street photography became an interest. Like how the B/W forced the viewer to pay attention to the subject, he started mixing it with the street photography. Thought with this style of photography it is usually of people, but Aron having the passion for landscapes, he took pictures of scenes versus people. Eventually this lead to him being a highly viewed contributor to Google Maps, but not until he returned to color photography. Realizing the passion people have with color, he decided to veer away from B/W. He says " B/W isn't for everybody and it doesn't fit all situations. Color is what excites the senses". Wanting to learn more about editing, he started looking into composite photography. This really went hand in hand with product and commercial photography. He soon learned some tricks of the trade and what is involved in the making of most of the images we are exposed to today, when it comes to advertisements. Now he uses this knowledge (when needed) during the editing of his photos.

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Olympus E-M5 Mark 2
Samut Prakan, Thailand

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