I first started experimenting with photography in 1989, when I was ten years of age. This was the time of black and white photos, films, and dark rooms. For my Birthday, my father gave me my very own camera, Smena 8M and exposimeter, Leningrad 4 (which I still have). I would take pictures of absolutely everything; architecture, friends, animals, nature, and also screen shots of cartoons directly from TV. I would even sell my photos to classmates during recess. My second camera was Zenit-E with a 50mm f/2 lens. I used this camera until 1999. In a few years, digital cameras were discovered. I started using Canon. My collection of photography multiplied by thousands. I traveled a lot, and I never missed an opportunity to take great pictures. If you are someone that likes photography, please browse through my photos and make comments.

Alex Vakulin.

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