Aila Hokkanen



You can see examples about my digital graphics done by Gimp drawing program. I'm a free journalist and graphic artist. I create digital graphics by computer with bright colors. I shoot photos, too. I´m a dedicated photographer: I shoot pics about art, nature, landscapes, churches and another architecture, and I have been take a try to shoot some pics with a model, too. I belonged in Finland one year at 2016 to an Association of Tampere´s Photographers, TVS ry. and to Finland´s Association of Nature Photographers, called Suomen Luonnonvalokuvaajat ry.

In a year 2017 I lived in Andalusia, Spain, and there I wrote poems, and took many photos, but I moved back to Finland at 30th June 2017 to Tampere. You can find me in Facebook, where I have a free writer and techno musician website in a same time. Please check my Facebook site:

Skills & Endorsements