ALOHA We’re a team of two amateurs that just loves taking photos and still learning how....

We always posting pics one of hobbies we like to do...theres two personalities ..I for one is Toni the friendliest and comical hahhaaa..while Yule is the quiet one and many times too damn serious LOL..So if you see a pic without a title that'd be Yule and me always being the comical one I do titles ..well I try to make it funny or try to have a story to it...if ever you're offended please let me know I'll correct it..we are amateurs NOT pros one day we'll be BAD ASS like these pros on here hehehee

Thanks for reading please feel free to comment or let us know if pics are not to your likings

Mahalo and Aloha from Hawaii...Toni and Yule

P.S. If we don't thank you when you comment our apologies, sometimes we either missed it or because of our time differences we probably didn't catch it...But all in all..we THANK YOU VERY MUCH for every comment that comes through...ALOHA

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