Tina Louise Lamb


Tina Louise Lamb

I am a self starter but with a lot of help from my brother, I got a camera about 5 years ago and started out taking random photos then moved to taking photos at weddings, I was not so sure of myself but them grew to realize I was doing a good job and people loved my work, I have none nada expertise or training in photography whatsoever I just point and shoot pretty much but have learned a few things along the way with some help from others and some reading.

I am happy to find this site to see and treasure other photographers work so I may be able to learn more on my little photo journey, and any help from any of you would be greatly appreciated. Again I do not claim to be a pro but if any one wants to call me one then I am ok with that. Show more

Sony A230
Utah, United States
Work at a mailing facilty


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