Olivier Hero Dressen


Olivier Hero Dressen is an award-winning Belgian photographer, director and cinematographer that's been based in Shanghai and Los Angeles. He combines different techniques such as photography, drawing, graphic design and video.

His photography expresses his love for fashion, portrait, travel, lifestyle and also mixed media.

His primary focus is character development and storytelling.

Olivier's work includes collaborations as a creative director with major talent such as Kobe Bryant and Sophie Marceau as well as collaborations with a number of European and Asian celebrities.

His most recent short film, The Passport, recently received more than 60 nominations around the world with 17 awards, inclueding best movie, cinematography and directing.

Oliver's work has received the silver award at Cannes and the Promaxbda award for the best campaign and kid commercial.

Along with his artistic work, Olivier has collaborated with major brands such as Converse, Nike, Porsche, Elle magazine and many more.

Olivier is actually based in Asia but also work overseas.

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