Nilton Santolin


Nilton Santolin

Nilton Santolin, born in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil. Photographer and graphic designer with experience in developing logos and visual programming. His career began in 1984 when he worked as assistant photographer and creation in L. Bruno Photography and Communication. Authorship of photographic work began in 1994, after a long learning period he met and experienced the secrets and techniques of analog photography. With the advent of digital photography, used knowledge and experience he had in graphics programs like Photoshop, coupled with the facilities of the new technology, resulting in greater autonomy of resources and efficient integration of the tools used to design and carry out their work. Alumnus of ESPM - Creation School, where he honed the techniques of best use of photography in advertising.

He worked as a photojournalist "freelance" in the magazine VOTO Politics, Culture and Business 2006 2015 Photographer UNICEF project "Baby Week" City Canela, RS in 2010. In 2011 was the scene photographer (still ) in "Nerves of Steel" director Maurice Capovilla, the film was entirely shot in Porto Alegre, many of the scenes in Mario Quintana Culture House. "PARIS Je T'aime" his last solo exhibition in the project "Art in the Café" architect and visual artist Fábio André Rheinheimer in the MARGS Museum of Rio Grande do Sul Art Café in July / 2015. Gemini for excellence, not, Santolin has been working in its collection, sorting, panning photos turned to art galleries, architects and decorators. Show more

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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