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MegaryT [[°©;]

MegaryT [[°©;] Photography has been my passion since High School , Man have things changed since then.... I'm a Retired Old School Wet Film and Paper Freelance Photographer.. During the past 36+ years I have also worked for 6+ years a full time Graphic Arts Process Cameraman and Darkroom technician in the mid '80s. As well as a Long Time Contributing. Digital Graphic Artist for a popular, State of the Art RC Aircraft Simulator (RealFlight).... But as previously stated , I have primarily Been a Freelance Photographer, and as such I did sales catalog work, "How to" technical Manuals, Instruction pamplets ,weddings, multi-level marketing corporate functions ,Award ceremonies and seminars as well as Newspaper Photography, Pet and People Portraiture, Nature and Fine Art Photography..... I Am A studemt of Ansel Adams' "Zone System" and try to incorperate it in my Digital B/W work as much as is possible Digitally....I Began "playing" with digital Photography non-professionaly and purely for my own enjoyment and artistic expression , in '05..While having the time of my Life learning , exploring , experimenting and sharing what I've learned or created in this "new" Digital Visual Medium .. ....MegaryT [[°©;]

"You Don't Take a Photograph...You Make a Photograph"...Ansel Adams Show more

Sony A7rii ,Sony SLT A58, Canon G9,Canon A-1,Ziess Ikon,Hasselblad 500/CM
Texas, United States

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