Quincy Houston


Quincy Houston

A camera, gives me the feeling of being limitless, and maybe even unstoppable. The thought, that a camera possesses such power with just a click of a button gives me an indescribable feeling. After changing my major four times, this is evident to me. I now, understand the next image I would take, will be one that I look at for years to come. Being a professional photographer wasn’t always the dream goal for me. However, stumbling into a 2-month black and white studio class from 7am to 4pm, every second became more uplifting and exhilarating than the last. My brain wrapped itself around the thoughts of obtaining more information, learning new techniques, viewing different compositions. My need as an artist unknowingly became vital.

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Nikon D750, Iphone 7+
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Freelance Photographer


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