Joris Pannemans


Joris was born in Genk (1983) and raised in Leut, a little village in an rural environment, surrounded by nature. Love for nature is in his DNA and due to the efforts of his parents helping him from a young age to know the Creator of all these things, developed in him a deep appreciation for Jehovah God and his miracles.

In 2013 Joris lost his parents in a tragic car accident. Before, he was just a holiday photographer but this difficult period was certainly a turning point. He found surprisingly photography gear and negatives that belonged to his dad and it made him realize that photography could help him to stay positive in life despite the loss of loved ones.

So he bought his first SONY camera that helped him to go out into nature, to think about life. This photography cure regained a lot of his strength and energy in order to become a photographer who likes to keep challenging himself to improve constantly his way of viewing the planet and photographing what his eye captures.

Specializing in landscape and travel photography, his photographic portfolio tries to convey his love of the natural world. Focusing on capturing moments of magic light and transferring this on print, his images reflects a combination of patience, perseverance and dedication to capture the images in ways that show how beautiful the earth is.

Traveling all over the world with his wife Loide as a faithful lovely assistant by his side, shooting diverse powerful landscapes and the world’s diverse cultures, each of his photographs tries to tell a story of life on this planet.

Please enjoy the story!!

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