Jack the Flipper is a project that arose through friendship. Good friends share interests and help one another in order to achieve their goals in implementing projects. It’s about dreams and passion. Together we pursue an artistic goal. It is the unbridled, creative urge to live and share a vision. In life everyone at times faces decisions of such great significance that they have lasting effects on one’s future decisions guided by an inner voice, a gut feeling, and knowledge, namely knowledge that the uniqueness of the moment can indeed be captured, lived in, breathed in, and felt.

Jack the Flipper would like to share the dream with you, to make the beauty of nature something that can be experienced, to stop time for a few moments, to steal your breath away. Our world is chaotic; nature is wild and untamable. Changes between awe-inspiring natural violence and breathtaking beauty take place within fractions of seconds, like when the first rays of sunshine break through the clouds over the churning sea after a storm. Experiencing these moments is our inspiration: to be one with the elements and reveal their beauty. Show more

Nikon D800
Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Artwork & Photography

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