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I am a german photo artist living in France and practice photography in classic style... Show more

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You can find my collections:

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I am a german photo artist living in France and practice photography in classic style without camera image processing and without digital manipulation. I paint with the light and colors of nature.

Critical themes, sensual, scenes of life and nature are the subject of my photographs.

For more than 40 years fascinated by photography and the power of pictures, I practice the photography in the classical style.

Inspires by many art books of my father I caught at the age of 10 years in to paint and to sign.

Architecture and art fascinated me and I quickly realized that these media would affect my life.

At the age of 16 years I discovered the images from Doisneau, Brassai, Ronis, Hamilton, Sieff and other famous photographers. I bought a Minox and tried to imitate the photos of this artist. But the results were sobering.

Then I studied the photograph, especially also the black-and-white photograph after Ansel Adam.

I bought a Nikon fa 4 and 1 FM 2, a photo lab and learnt to develop photos, tried out the different films and experimented. Exposure, focal length, point of view, moment, distance, film delicacy, lighting conditions, a variety of factors that make up a picture.

A completely different than the "click-and-ready-world" of amateur photography did to me.

I always had my camera with me. A motive see develop an image in mind, realize the camera and edit in the darkroom.

And more and more I had the good results.

In the beginning of the 2000s disappeared many of the good films of the market. A very big incision in the photography. And at the beginning of the digital photography it seemed that the artistic photography would become possible for everybody. Really the difference became even clearer by the digital photograph between click photos and art photograph.

Since 2004 I take a photo digitally without automatic and without camera image processing with light-strong objectives exclusively in the RAW-format.

I develop the pictures like in analogous times, but now digitally.

Almost all effects already originate with the admission of the picture without digital manipulation.

Moments, otherwise easily passed, are caught and they become real. That‘s the magic of photography! Today anyone can take pictures ... But only a perceptive person can draw with light, master the shadows, capture the beauty, grace or charm of a person. My inspiration comes unexpectedly and the most beautiful pictures are often conjured by an accident. I express myself through pictures. Through photography I speak and compose poetry …

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