Hans Christian Strikert


I am inspired by photography to be creative! I love many different aspects of photography and I am constantly trying out new stuff.

Yes, I like the gear and buying new stuff. But what I truly love is the technical aspect of photography - I want to understand how to capture an image before actually taking it.

I own two professionel businesses - Northern Workshops and Strikert Photography:

Northern Workshops is my workshop business where I take photographers on multiple day adventures to different locations around the North Atlantic Sea. Our key location is the Faroe Islands which in our minds is the best location in the world for a landscape photographer. Check out our workshops on www.northernworkshop.com

Strikert Photography is my local classic photography business. I mostly do portrait photography - both business and family. At one point I was one of the biggest wedding photographers in Denmark with over 35 weddings per year - I have scaled that part of my business down to focus on other aspects.

I am also a husband, I have two kids (both girls), I have two cats and a dog. I am a trained paramedic with over 11 years experience and I still to this day work as a paramedic. I am also studying leadership over a 3 year period.

Skills & Endorsements