Fausto Marsol


Fausto Marsol

"(...) that’s why I like so much photography. fixes a moment. the moment, without before or after. the instant, in the form of beauty, tragedy, drama, comedy, life. " - I wrote this in my novel, "ai, adeus!" (2001).

After a long career in the field of organizational and personal development, I was forced, for health reasons, to stop the consultancy activity, which - there are evils that come well - opened up a larger space for one of my passions: the photography - either in its pure form, in its interconnection with texts, or, above all, in its digital dimension of photo art, that Mutations (1) is an example (a video of one of the Exhibitions can be seen on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5iTih0FslY ) Show more

NIkon & Lumix
Lisboa, Portugal
Mainly landscapes

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