I am a digital artist who entered the world of art as a conceptual photographer. While exploring photography, I imagined the infinite possibilities that could be created by combining a piece of one image into another and when doing that found something new and wonderful: a vision that only I could see, a world and reality as I wished it to be. It was like a puzzle with many pieces that all fit together and it became my art.

My love of experimentation has resulted in images that are varied and unique. Recently, I have become fascinated with the city in all its many forms. I love the lights, shapes, colors, and many stories that can be told, the interpretation of which is up to the viewer. I hope you can find your own story reflected in my art. Whether it is a city scape, a wild animal, a beautiful bird, or a surreal scene, I hope it will inspire you and engage your emotions and imagination. Show more

Canon 70D
Georgia, United States
Conceptual Photographer/Digital Artist

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