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hello everyone my name is Julian . I cannot too much specify where from I come, I travel a lot. At present I am in Australia in Melbourne for 9 months, and this wonderful energy which releases this city with this mixture of cultures between residents and backpakers with it is many big artist whom accommodates this very beautiful city of Melbourne ., i find my eyes more open, I feel ready to click the button of the camera:) I am completely a novice in the photography. I have a friend photographer who lent me his Nikon D5300 with an objective AFX Nikkor 35 mm.

I would like to begin with the portrait because I have an enormous fascination for the human characters and I talk again of Melbourne last time, but there are thousands of very fascinating, crazy (without wanting to be lacking respect) strange and beautiful character here . Show more

Nikon D5300
Isère, France


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