Michael Masley


HYDROCANVAS--GALLERY-IN-PROGRESS---WHERE HARDCOPYMUSIC MEETS THE EYE IN UNREPEATABLE MOMENTS OF VISIONARY TRUTH--"TROUBLED WATER ARTIST Creates Tool Of Surreal Engagement"--aka OneStrokeWaterArt--I invented a new approach to an ancient instrument--"bowhammers"--[Google] taking the 25-century multi-national 2-hand-held 'hammers' [hammered dulcimer, santoor, cymbalom] into 8 extending from fingertips--with violin bow & thumbpicks [Music On Amazon & iTunes, links @ artistgeneral.com]. "Mystery Repeats Itself"--the worlds first bowhammer cymbalom CD!--is here 're-purposed' for photography, fixed to a 'selfie-stick', sweeping L hand as R snaps shot...(full photo: https://youpic.com/image/4810649/ )

Skills & Endorsements