Eberstein Witherite, LLP has a sincere mission: To keep our clients' lives running and not fall apart following a car wreck or truck wreck. Thousands of car wrecks occur every year, with many leading to serious and fatal injuries. Unfortunately, surviving a vehicle accident does not mean one’s problems are over. For many, attempting to restore their lives after a car accident may only be the beginning of a lengthy, difficult process. A motor vehicle accident can result from simple driver error or negligent acts such as drunk driving, which may warrant legal action so that victims in these cases may receive just compensation for damages or car wreck injuries. Some car wreck statistics state that automobile accidents impose an economic cost of over an estimated $500 billion worldwide each year. Dallas / DFW Car wreck victims are often left with not only immediate costs associated with injuries or damages to their property, but long-term costs of getting their lives back in order as well. An auto wreck can leave one with damages that exceed their income for the entire year, and may not be fully covered by one’s own insurance including car compensation and long-term rehabilitation needs. In the event of car accident deaths, the financial costs placed upon family members and loved ones are often compounded with severe emotional distress. Show more



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