Mari Nino

From Surgut, Russia

Meet Mari Nino, a photography enthusiast, storyteller and capturer of diversity.

“I believe that each human has a unique experience, a story to be told”

A storyteller

I photograph people. They are the main characters of my pictures. I believe, that each human has a unique experience, a story to be told. Every person is like a hero from the book with certain traits of character, that bring something inimitable into this world and make it so diverse yet unified. My idea is to show the beauty of diversity.

Connecting with the world

YouPic helps me to get in touch with a great many talented people around the world. I truly made friends here and it is a pleasure to observe development of styles of some photographers. The site also helped me to organize my portfolio. I assume the new profile view can give a lot of information about any photographer and one can easily see whether one does something relevant and interesting to the particular viewer or not. I see YouPic community as a family, where one can feel himself inspired and protected.

Passion for photography

As a member of this community I try not only to upload my own pictures and receive feedback, but also tell other people what I like about their work. If I look at the pictures that are not inspiring to me, I’ll never write something negative about it. Because I know, that there is always a person who can find these pictures important, beautiful and inspiring. And, vise a versa, if I see something catchy, something where one puts a lot of effort into, I’ll always leave a comment, because I know how it is important to be supported by the community.