Marcus Holmqvist

From Västerås, Sweden

Meet Marcus Holmqvist, exploring nature through photography and capturing magical moments

“I love the feeling of completing work that has come from my own ideas from the start.”

Be discovered

I engage in the YouPic-community because I love photography. I like to show my work and I have found that YouPic often gives my photos lots of views. It is also a good tool to analyze your work. If a photo doesn't get much attention I try to figure out why and how I can make it better next time. The stats feature also gives good information and a will to compete with myself to improve the numbers.

Grow and develop your skills

YouPic has helped me to get a mindset to always try to make a better photo than the last. I try to think that every new photo should have the potential to get an inspiration-star. I really like the option to give feedback on composition, creativity, technical quality and content. That has given me a sense on what my strengths and weaknesses are.

YouPic premium - the place to be

What I really like with premium is that I can organize my photos in albums. By getting more exposure on my photos I have also gotten more comments and ratings, which is very helpful for me in order to see which of my photographs that works best. My photos has been viewed more and that is great, one of them even got picked to be on the cover of the site and that was really honouring. YouPic-premium offers something for everyone, beginners and more experienced photographers, in other words - the place to be to develop your photography.

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